Some sketches for a project.
Q: I was wondering if you could tell us more about your school. I'm a DigiPen student looking to transfer and I'd like to know if they have any game teams at LCAD.

LCAD’s Game Art department is divided into two categories: 2D and 3D. Each is further broken down into either character or environment emphasis. However, we all learn the basics of both 3D and 2D art skills, such as modeling and texturing (mostly in 3DS Max), as well as anatomy and painting. We don’t have a set style that we follow, so you could choose to tailor your work for either realistic or more stylized games, but it is essential to know your fundamentals in both 3D and 2D no matter what genre you choose.

As far as game teams go, we don’t have a programming or game design track. Instead, we collaborate with students from USC, who are programmers, to make games over the course of a year or so. It’s required for every game student to participate in at least one collaboration, where they log the hours they spend working with the teams. Usually they’ll ask you to do stuff outside your emphasis, which is a great way for freshman and sophomores to get familiar with the whole pipeline. The games are shown on Demo Day to representatives from the industry who can offer good critique and networking opportunities.

I hope that clarified some things! Ask away if you have any more questions. Also be sure to check out the website

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Hey guys! Here have a squirtle.
Classes have been crazy, and I made this doodle to feel better. It’s my orc character from Skyrim… u.u