Hello and welcome to my new followers!

Also wanted to apologize for lack of updates lately. I am working on stuff (slowly), but seriously guys it’s over 100 degrees here and I have NO AIR CONDITIONING. I AM DYING.


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Q: Your art is amazing!

No you’re amazing. Thank you!!! <333

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An art trade with Rachel of her werewolf Delilah!
Q: Hey, I'm new to your blog, so I'm sorry if you posted it before, but do you have a deviantart?

I have one from a million years ago, but I don’t use it anymore. I don’t like the way the site is handled, from its messaging to the cumbersome point system. And don’t get me started on the prints. Taking such a high percentage of the profits from the artists is flagrant exploitation and highly disrespectful.

I know there are a lot of awesome people on DA and it can be a good place to network, but it’s just not my thing.

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Q: omg i love! your lines. so beautiful. absolutely amazing. cant wait to see more :)

Thank you!!!!! <333333

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Q: Can you do so e horse sketches?

Drawn with my left hand.

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Q: What's your opinion on make a game without pay with friends? I am not a fan of "work for exposure" either but if you're part of the creation of the project what do you think?

I would still be careful with that. I’ve heard from others that even a good friend can be the absolute worst person to work with when it comes to fiscal responsibility and reliability. The thing is, no matter what, you are entering a business arrangement, and such a commitment should be held sacred regardless of emotional ups and downs (which will happen in a business venture).

However, some people just aren’t suited for those kind of management responsibilities (which you must have in some capacity if you’re starting any kind of business with others), even if they’re the nicest people in the world. This is something you should ask yourself too, if you would be able to dedicate the time and energy to sticking to a schedule and getting the work done no matter what.

And other times, but way less often, people may abuse personal relationships to emotionally manipulate their team into doing most of the work while taking the same amount of credit. These people drag the project down and create resentment, killing the initial drive and excitement.

In any case, be very careful when and where you choose to commit your time and effort. Observe people closely, and try to imagine them leading a team or adhering to a schedule every week to gauge what it would be like to work them near daily. Are they reliable? Do they get their work done, and how well do they work with others? Even if they’re your friends, you cannot trust blind faith to guarantee a project’s success.

*And make sure you do the research on making a game to know what you’d be getting yourself into.

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Q: Something I've been wondering. How come Pokemon are the one licensed thing you are allowed to draw?

Actually I just changed that in my TOS. I don’t think anyone would’ve really cared, since my work and Pokemon are so different that it’s unlikely there would be a conflict of interest. But to be safe, I’m no longer taking Pokemon commissions.

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