Some face studies of my stupid dunmer thief.
Q: Hey there! I love your art and I wanted to ask if I can use your owl cat thing as a reference for a familiar for my character. I'll give you credit of course.

I’m sorry, but I have to say no. This is to protect myself down the road in case anyone gets the wrong idea that it’s ok to use them to make a profit. I don’t think you would do that or anything, but I can’t count on the rest of the internet. Thank you for understanding!

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Q: Hey, love your work! I was just wondering if you have any tips for someone wanting to be a character/concept artist for games as well.

Ummm that question has a very complicated answer (within complicated answers) that I don’t feel like articulating in full at the moment. But I can try to condense the craziness into bullet points.

  • NEVER STOP LEARNING - Always strive to improve your skills. And be brutally honest with yourself; if you’re not where you want to be technically, do whatever it takes to reach where you want to be. And that doesn’t mean that you should whine and lament at “your lack of skills”. The process can be painful, but is ultimately rewarding. So I guess think of it more as if you are a lion hunting on the safari, killing as many hapless skills as you can.
  • EXPAND YOUR VISUAL LIBRARY (WITH CONTEXT!!!) - READ, READ, READ; LOOK, LOOK, LOOK. Looking at cool things is all fine and dandy, but cultural and natural context makes a simple image a much richer source of inspiration. Some of my best ideas came from reading through a wiki article or a website AFTER I followed up on cool image. Also CHECK YOUR SOURCES and CROSS REFERENCE (pinterest I’m looking at you).
  • PLAY VIDEOGAMES and WATCH MOVIES - I know this one sounds obvious, but I always hear lame excuses about how no one “has time” for them. But the thing is, If you want to work in this industry, YOU BETTER MAKE TIME for this industry.
  • BE NICE TO PEOPLE (WITHIN REASON) - Another obvious one. Simply put, be at least publicly polite to the people around you. And never put anything on Facebook or Twiiter that you’d be afraid to show your boss.

P.S. Put your work out there for people to see. Places like are a decent start.

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Hello and welcome to my new followers!

Also wanted to apologize for lack of updates lately. I am working on stuff (slowly), but seriously guys it’s over 100 degrees here and I have NO AIR CONDITIONING. I AM DYING.


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